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Leather Balm

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Your boots are tough, but just like you, need some conditioning over time. Our leather balm is best suited to leathers with a polished finish.

As bootmakers, we developed our leather balm to be one of the most intense leather healing remedies on the market today. Made from cosmetic grade adhesives and deep conditioning oils and waxes. Capitan leather balm keeps new leather hydrated and restores old, dried out leather while also repairing minor cuts and scratches in the leather.

Use it on your boots, saddle, gloves, knife sheath, luggage, or even leather seats. Just about any polished leather will benefit from an application of Capitan leather balm. Not only for new, your favorite aged leather can be brought back to a like-new look and feel for many more years of use.

Exotics and Reversed Hides

*For exotic hide boots use our conditioner instead

This product is not suitable for roughout, reversed hides nubucks, suedes, suede-like finishes, most exotics, or extremely soft leathers. Leather may darken with this treatment. Use will lessen the affect of stonewashed or distressed finishes. Test in discreet areas before using.

SKU: CLC0003A-000
Leather Balm Leather Care - Capitan Boots
Leather Balm Sale price$19.99